EDITIONS DE RE is a design collaborative founded by us, Jim Hinz and Todd Vladyka, in 2013. All of our designs are drawn from personal experiences, and they inhabit a familiar place in our collective memory and heritage, but are decidedly current. Native American metalwork, 1970s fashion, hip-hop artists, and fin-de-siècle Viennese decorative arts are just some of the aesthetic cues that have informed this first edition: Metal for Men. Using bronze, silver, gold and platinum, we have created a sculptural collection that is strong, deluxe and wearable. The work is crafted in Philadelphia. 



OUR NAME: In researching this collection we encountered the seminal metallurgical text De Re Metallica. Published in 1556 by Georgius Agricola (a physician prior to committing his studies to mineralogy), it was the most comprehensive description of its day for the mining, refining, and smelting of metals, and it remained the authoritative text in Europe for nearly two hundred years. Part of this rare book’s success was due to its detailed woodcuts—the production of which delayed the publication until a year after Agricola’s death. EDITIONS DE RE honors this volume with our name, omitting metallica in favor of the open ended treatise that remains—de re (the nature of)—to better capture our interest in creating objects from a variety of materials.

The first English translation was in 1912 by Herbert Hoover (a mining engineer who is better known as President of the United States of America) and his geologist wife Lou Henry. The Hoovers noted that Agricola was instrumental in shifting metallurgy out of the age of alchemy and into modern-day chemistry by employing research and observation in his methods. Though some methods are long outdated, De Re Metallica remains shockingly modern, as it was early to address the human and environmental impact of mining. We are mindful of these same issues and use ethically-sourced materials in our work.